Dr. David Liu: 07 5598 0205
Dr. Haig Lennox: 07 5598 0531
Dr. Sonja Schleimer: 07 5598 0094
Dr. Michael Facek: 07 5611 5050

The Gold Coast Centre for Bone and Joint Surgery

We are 3 senior, experienced Orthopaedic consultant surgeons.

We are dedicated to the management of hip and knee conditions affecting adolescent to geriatric patients. Our surgeons have extensive experience in primary and revision joint replacementsurgery, arthroscopy of the hip and knee, realignment and reconstructive surgery, sports injuries and trauma surgery.We use modern techniques, instruments and implants.

The practice has a strong academic ethos. We have a full time Fellow. We are heavily involved in the teaching and training of students, young doctors, orthopaedic registrars, Fellows and consultants in both the public and private sectors. We have academic positions at Bond and Griffith Universities. Research and publications in the orthopaedic literature and presentations to the medical community are a strong focus.

Our 3 surgeons support each other and share experiences, offer advice and on occasions in the more complex conditions operate together to the benefit of patients.

We have an enthusiastic, experienced staff and full time nurses to help optimiseour patient preparation and recovery post surgery.

Our goal is the continued improvement in the outcomes and longevity of our interventions.